Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stop the downward spiral, I'm getting dizzy!

You know those times when things aren't going well? You know, when you remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day and that things will get better? More often than not, you're right and the next day is better.

Not so for the Liberals.

It is now getting to the point where it appears as if polls are being released to inflict maximum hurt and despair. Each new poll is worse than its predecessor.

Today it was EKOS ( and their poll is showing that the Liberals are leading...wait for where. Not in Ontario. Not in Atlantic Canada. They even be back in third spot in Quebec and BC.

Yes you say, but they are still strong in the cities where so many voters live. Uh, no. With the exception of Montreal, they are trailing the Conservatives in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa AND Toronto.

But wait, there's more! There is no demographic they are leading in. Not by gender. Not by age.

As we know, bad news tends to beget bad news. These things have a way of feeding off of one another such that before you know it a blip is a trend, and a trend becomes a fact.

Sadly, as discussed in numerous articles, blogs and news programmes so much of this is self-inflicted. For me a big one is the wasted opportunity to define the new leadership before deciding to move into election mode. Today, in what could have been week one of an election campaign, I have little sense as to what a Liberal government would look like.

Next week is break week. There will be soul-searching and reflection. But that needs to result in something more tangible than we can do better and we will. Otherwise the Liberals will run the risk of answering the question "how low can you go?"

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