Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Speak Your Mind!

This past spring, Canada essentially got its first social media election under its belt with #elxn41. Now, with fall election season fast approaching in a number of provinces the Toronto Star is teaming up with Atomic Reach to launch Speak Your Mind, a forum for commentary, debate and conversation around the key topics driving the fall Ontario election.

I think this is a great initiative and one in which I will be participating. Here at A Guy Watching Politics, the focus has always been on using social media to promote a dialogue on the issues; to offer perspectives and share. The objective is simple - promoting greater engagement.

Not surprisingly, Speak Your Mind is right up our alley! I will be linking any posts I prepare on the Ontario election into their site. Take a look. Read, share, participate.

How we respond to the challenges and opportunities in front of us will go a long way towards defining the Ontario of tomorrow. The first step in responding is getting engaged. Let's start...


  1. I live in Toronto and have been on the waiting list for affordable housing since 1989. Apparently I can expect to wait several years more although no city official can tell me how many years more. Priority Status is given to victims of violence and this initiative has been thrust on the city of Toronto by the province. I wonder which provincial party has the balls to realize violence is a societal problem and not resolved by propelling alleged victims to the top of housing lists forcing the disabled into shelters.

  2. Senior health issues. Government ran agency CACC, which is supposed to provide assistance for seniors is a total fraud. I am just experiencing their service( if one can call it service) and after so many meetings and assessments of my elderly parent ... the physio are not allowed coming to the senior home because the residence has an assistant physio person that guides seniors through simple classes. If a senior in a retirement home requires expert help, the CACC is not allowed to give its service per government rules and seniors have to pay out of pocket. The occupational therapist was suggesting a bathtub seat that was outright dangerous .....and you wonder why our tax dollars are going to such useless people. But you have to be registered in teh system, should one need anything.....very disorganized and inefficient. With baby boomers aging we need a party that will change the way assistance is given. It is downright embarrasing that this arm of the goverment exists, as it is a total waste of our hard earned dollars.

  3. Ontario has the most effective and progressive Sex Offender Registry in North America. Its strength is in its protection of the offenders identity, ensuring they remain current with their residence information and reporting to the registry staff. This is a critical element as it ensures police know exactly where 98% of all registered offenders reside. As much as I support Tim Huddak, he appears to be grossly misinformed about placing GPS bracelets on offenders. Although this appears to be vogue, it will only hamper and interfer with registry staff, probation and parole resources and police in locating offenders should that be needed during an investigation. Sometimes the best action is inaction. Leave things as they are, they are the best in Noth Amelrica as far as it relates to monitoring Sex Offenders.

  4. We need a government that will provide us with an inclusive and equitable public education system in Ontario. Presently, the ministry of education is not holding public school boards accountable to provide an education for all children in Ontario. The Toronto Star has been bringing this issue to light in their recent articles about private schools in Ontario. When a complaint is made to a Ministry Regional Office about a public school not complying with the standards and requirements of the Ministry of Education, is a Ministry inspector sent to the school to investigate these concerns as is the case for private schools? Or are parents simply told to pay for their child's education at a private school. We need a government that will support free public education for all children in Ontario


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