Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Liberal Thanksgiving Mantra - I'm thankful there's no election...I'm thankful there's no election...

Recent polls have not been kind to the Liberals. But then, no one else has so why buck a trend.

The latest, conducted by the Strategic Counsel for the G&M and CTV, is particularly harsh.

Overall, the Conservatives are in majority-territory (41%) while the Liberals have slipped down to Dion circa 2008 territory (28%). More worrisome is the regional breakdown, and in particular Ontario where the Conservatives are sporting a - gulp - 16 point lead. Yes, that's not a typo and I didn't mean to write Alberta. That's. In. Ontario.

Oh yeah, and women - once a huge source of votes for the Liberals - are apparently not keen on Mr. Ignatieff right now.

I wrote recently about how the NDP decision to support the government was akin to an executioner's reprieve for the Liberals. Now was the opportunity to focus, develop and get on message, profile the team and make whatever hard decisions need to be made.

Are they heeding such sage advice? I am not sure. There are still rumblings in Quebec and organizational challenges stemming from the Coderre issue. Funding may also become an issue in the fourth quarter as the dust settles from September.

An effort was made today to profile the team through the creation of new critics posts within the caucus. However, this is soooooooooooo Ottawa. Find me someone...anyone outside of Ottawa with whom this would resonate. I dare you.

All to say, the next break week cannot come soon enough for the Official Opposition. So Liberals, as you gather 'round your turkey dinners be thankful for Jack. The man who saved you from yourselves.

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