Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A change will do you good....

Several weeks ago this blog and others commented that Mr. Ignatieff may need to make changes in his office. Politics Watcher wrote the following:

"If this requires staffing changes or an office re-org, do it. Show us you mean business by taking the tough decisions. The question people will otherwise ask is how can you run Canada is you can't manage your party."

Well, that was on October 1. The following was issued this evening:

So, Davey out and Donolo in. Others may be following Davey out the door they entered with him - time will tell. All to say, we will get more information tomorrow and over the coming days, but it appears that the party's troubles since that fateful day in Sudbury have brought matters to a head.

So what next? A few things for them to consider:

  • find 3-4 key messages and stick to them
  • define yourselves and what your government would look like and stand for - develop an agenda and sell it
  • stop counting on the country "not warming to Harper" - you need to be seen as more than the default

There will be no election until at least the Spring. That gives Mr. Donolo and co. a good 6 months to get the office of the Leader of the Opposition moving smoothly. This is not a lot of time, as one can expect that the Government may want to prompt an election before the Opposition can sort itself out.

Focus and discipline are needed right now if there is to be change in the polls. Will we see it? Let me know...

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  1. I agree with you in what the party has to do, but I do believe, that it is too late for Michael Ignatieff! He has already defined himself and he is not a leader! Has no idea what he is doing and he is now acting under pressure, I think, is clear for voters.

    I believe he actually has his clock ticking and the Liberals will make a move to get a new leader!

    Ignatieff, has made mistake after mistake and in my view, is because he feels that he knows better even than his own party, he has snubed everyone by trying to reinvent the Liberal party as he wants it to be and that is just plain stupid, you need help to do that and and you need help from the people that matters.

    I do believe Harper is here to stay for as long as he wants to be PM, people is starting to get very comfortable, plus the just visiting adds have worked and Ignatieff is at fault here too, because by his actions all that the cons were saying now is true to us, that he is here for himself and the lack of connection with canada or canadians and it isn't the fact that he has been out of the country for so long but because he isn't listening and he is trying to run this party his own way or the highway.

    It will take a major miracle for Iggy to change peoples minds and that also will have to do with Harper making a major, major mistake for canadians to ever consider giving Iggy a chance!


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