Thursday, October 15, 2009

Comments! We have comments (...and the cheque is in the mail)

The Habs played (and lost) their home opener tonight. This sporting event has, sadly, occupied my attention this evening so there will not be much of a post tonight.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the fact that we have our first posts on this blog. This may be small to many of you mega-bloggers out there, but for a fledgling blogger like me it is certainly welcome. Thanks!

Now, about those cheques...

Is this an issue we should care about? I am not sure I care so much about the cheques and photos. For me, it is the hypocrisy. Had this been the fall of 2005, we would have had these cheques featuring heavily in the "Stand Up for Canada" ads.

Yes, every government rallies against such things. And yes, once a party gets in their views seems to change. That's the game, right?

This mentality is reflected in recent discussions on Kevin Page. Following on last night's post, the same Conservatives who called for an independent Parliamentary Budget Officer are now essentially cutting the office off. There is so much evidence about how perspective changes once you are on the inside - so much so that we should not be surprised.

These are not, on their own, issues which sway large numbers of voters. But they are issues which we should note and consider as we look at the parties and the options they present to us.

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  1. I think that most people isn't naive enough to know, that PR is one of the biggest assets in politics, so honestly, it isn't a big issue!!

    Having said that, MP's should know better!!!


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