Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dollars and Sense

So according to the recent reports, those Canada's Economic Action Plan ads should include an asterisk or some fine print suggesting that little red ridings need not apply. If you go by these reports, those who vote Tory blue get to host one MP, several staffers and one...large...novelty..cheque. Those ridings which don't, get less. Or nothing.

The Opposition calls this Duplessis-style politics. It's seen by them as a throw-back to the days when politicians reminded voters what a vote really means. Let's just say things were a touch more transactional back then.

Others see this as less about old-style politics and more of, you know, just politics. Honestly, I don't know if it is funny or sad that some people have a "well duh?" reaction.

So which is it? For me, politics will always have an element of payback and reward. Where things cross the line is when people treat or are seen to be using the country's money for overtly partisan purposes.

So, since the well-staffed statistics department here at politicswatcher assures me we now have readers and comments, I put the questions out to you.

  • Is this the way things are in politics?
  • Is this the way things should be in politics?
  • Will any of this matter when it comes time to vote?

Tell me what you think...

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