Monday, October 12, 2009

The issues are coming! The issues are coming!

Well, Thanksgiving weekend is just about over. If you were like me, you probably ate more than you should and are now wondering whether you should be taking a walk. I opted instead to post on this blog. Sad. I know.

With Parliament now on a break week, we won't have our usual 5 days of Ottawa-based theatre. Oh how to fill that void...

For those of you who have followed this blog (or more likely wound up here by accident), you will have noted my ongoing concern with the lack of real discussion among our leaders about the issues Canada will face over the next few years. Sure, the issues get lip-service but really that is about all.

Maybe it's due to a lack of ideas or perhaps a fear of alienating the voters. Whatever the reason, Canada has some big challenges ahead which are not getting the airing they deserve.

Let's do something about that.

Over the next week or so, I am going to post my thoughts on those issues which I feel our political leaders should be focusing.

  1. How to address what is now a structural deficit?
  2. What will government do to help prepare Canada - and in particular young Canadians - for the economy of tomorrow?
  3. Demographics. We are becoming an older population. What will this mean for health care, employment and immigration?
  4. The environment.
To this list I would add the so-called democratic deficit. The answers to these questions will shape Canada for a long time to come. Yet we are asking theses questions at a time when Canadians are more and more distant from the political debate. Developing the right answers will require a change in the way we engage with our politicians and the way they engage with us.

So faithful (or accidental) readers, hold on and look out. The issues are coming, the issues are coming...

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