Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It does not take much

Sometimes you just have to shake your head. Earlier today, during a news conference in BC, the Prime Minister noted that while Canada may not experience direct economic impacts resulting from the crisis in Japan, we should expect stock market volatility (see the story in the Globe online).

So far, so good.

However, Mr. Harper then went on to “All of these things should remind everyone, should remind everybody in Canada, should remind all the parties in Parliament, that the global economy remains extremely fragile. It does not take very much to make us all, not just in Canada and the United States but all around the world, very worried.”

It does not take much.

Now, I don't know what Mr. Harper's definition of "much" is, but I would guess that if you asked people what might fall into the category of "it does not take much", the following would not appear:

- devastating earthquake
- tsunami
- risk of nuclear meltdown

This sort of hyperbolic linkage is too often the norm in our politics. There's no need for it and I suspect little gain to be realized. Trying to link what is happening in Japan to the prospect of the Opposition defeating the Government in the House? C'mon...


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  1. Amen to that!!

    I do agree with part of his statement but why, why, WHY, do they always have to take kick it another notch.

    We aren't stupid!!


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