Sunday, March 13, 2011

Have pen, will write again. I promise.

Tsk, tsk. Someone has been a bad blogger, failing to write and post for several weeks. I am looking to remedy that in the coming days. Unfortunately, a combination of travel, a pesky cold and that thing called life conspired to keep me away from this blog.

There's lots to discuss. Here's what is on my mind:

- Election looming -- who's ready?
- Day, Strahl and Cummins check-out, following Hill and Prentice - are the Tories now less Reform and more Harris-Ontarians?
- The election narrative - how is it shaping up?

The last point is probably the one that most fascinates me at the moment. The Conservative's narrative is, I think, pretty much set. It's about stewardship and economic competence, with a not-so-subtle suggestion that Mr. Ignatieff is in it for him. No surprises there.

It's the Liberal's narrative that I am paying more attention to right now. For my eyes, it is starting to take on a more defined shape and will present a real alternative. The "Harper's priorities aren't your priorities" theme we have chatted about will of course feature. However, it now seems that equal (perhaps more than equal) emphasis is being placed on the Conservative's approach to government and democracy.

Now on this blog I have written a number of times about the erosion of our democracy and the lack of engagement that both feeds and flows from the undermining of our political institutions. For me, if the Liberals can successfully make this a major part of the campaign we will have a chance to debate what government should mean for us. That interests me tremendously.

Of course, this will not be easy. The challenge will be to make this relevant and impactful to a Canadian voter still worried about the economy.



  1. Welcome back!!

    Democracy, ah, beautiful world...

    Interested to see what they make of it in the next week or so...

  2. b/c the liberals are qualified to bring the debate about "real" democracy and transparency?

  3. Thanks for the comments! I raise this not because the Liberals are necessarily more qualified, but because it is in their interest to raise the issue. It will be a major element of their campaign.


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