Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Century Club

It has come to my attention that my most recent post was actually the 100th posting on this blog since the late summer 2009. Yes, the champagne was flowing here at A Guy Watching Politics.

I had started the blog in 2009 when the prospects of an election seemed high. Mr. Ignatieff (see history books, under Liberal leaders) had announced that he would no longer support the Conservative government. The purpose of the blog was to promote a dialogue on the issues as we headed into the pending election.

While the subsequent Liberal downward spiral in the polls and a decision by Mr. Layton to continue to support the government took an election off of the table a few months later, I decided to keep writing. I wanted to continue the dialogue and use this blog to - in my own way - promote greater engagement on the issues facing Canada.

So, with a 100 posts and an election under my belt I want to say thanks to those of you (both of you?) who have read my posts, provided your comments and encouraged me to do more. My instincts tell me that the next four years in Parliament will provide a lot of food for thought, so let's keep the conversation going.

A Guy Watching Politics

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