Sunday, December 19, 2010

A big thanks...and a request

First of all, thanks to those of you who took the time this week to take a peek at A Guy Watching Politics. To wake up and see your blog referenced in the media and an entire post included in someone else's blog is quite a feeling for someone who, let's be honest, is not well-known or seen as a must-read.

I have never met Susan Delacourt before, so for her to take that level of interest meant a great deal. Thanks! For those of you who are not following her blog, do so - it is a must read (

Now for a request to those of you still reading. On what topics would you like to see postings? What issues matter to you? Let's see if we can get more of a dialogue going. Tell me your thoughts, share with me your ideas and let's go from there.

Again, thanks for the interest, the comments and the engagement.

A Guy Watching Politics

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  1. Okay, you want a few suggestions, maybe these three will pique your interest?

    1. Canada Health Act - Given the present state of our national economy and the decidedly poor performance of many provincial economies "What is to be Done?" Do we sit idly by as both the feds and provinces try to position themselves to the disadvantage of the other (and us!)for the upcoming 2014 Health Transfers re-negotiations? Do we allow the principles of the CHA to be eroded as each level cries "deficit" and "debt" as excuses for not protecting the sanctity of the Act? Do we accept the kind of banal prognostications and ideological driven prescriptions offered up by the ilks of that friggin' sock-puppet Michael Kirby and his irrevocably tainted partner in crime Lying-Brian-Mulroney seen this week in the press as "true"? Do we sit like moronic bumps on a log while both levels of government start pointing fingers at one another, claim the system is unsustainable while they each endorse, perpetuate, and facilitate fiscal policies that allow the rich to get richer as Canada's middle class erodes? Do we allow the oligopoly that is the CMA and its constituent provincial members to continue to hold us hostage while they play provincial government off against one another in their negotiations of collective agreements (i.e. fee-for service schedules)? Or do we wait until frustrated and crazed patients march willy-nilly into Medical Clinics across this country one day and systematically butcher all their doctors and, in doing so, send a message to government that they want a newly trained medical workforce that WILL bargain in good faith?

    2. Since the advent of the economic recession in the fall of 2008, how have our banks fared? Wealthier than ever? Breaking even? Losing money? If they are wealthier than ever why do they continue to receive preferential treatment under the federal buy-back mortgage loans program "to buyback as much as $75-billion of the securities"? What is the status of that program? Is it still necessary? Is it a good deal for taxpayers? While you're looking into that, have a quick look to see if there is anymore talk of repealing Section 401.2 of the Canadian Bank Act that would allow "foreign purchases of Canadian domestic bank stock' beyond what is presently permissible.

    3. Who is leading and who is following? Are any of our MP's speaking truth to power in the endless charade that is our Parliamentary Committee system? What I mean here is not are any of them are criticizing the government - - but are any of them (of any political stripe) actually doing so on points of principle that do not follow party lines. Are there any free thinkers? Are there any who repeatedly display integrity over the power of their respective political party Whip's? Would be interesting to see if there are any? (p.s. MP Bruinooge doesn't count - he's a one-note organ grinding monkey whose always playing the same tune!)

    Oops! Gotta go now. Apparently my nightly flaming backyard effigy of Vic Toews is once again upsetting my neighbours ("too bright they say' ... especially the ring of fire around the faux horned balded head!) ... oh well, time to snuff it out again til the morrow's eve.


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